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For the past 6 years customers have trusted Kleen Way Carpet Cleaning in their homes and apartments. Kleen Way Carpet Cleaning is located in Maumee, OH but we serve all of Lucas county and much of Wood county too. We even serve customers in to the southern part of Michigan.  We are happy to help you with any and all of your carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning.



Why Choose Kleen Way Carpet Cleaning?



How can we help you?

Carpet Cleaning • Tile Cleaning & Sealing

Upholstery Cleaning • Area Rug Cleaning


Also Available

Auto Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning • Odor Elimination

Emergency Appointments Available



Got Allergies? We Can Help!


Don't worry all of the services Kleen Way Carpet Cleaning provides will reduce pet dander and allergies because we

use a method that deep cleans every time.




At Kleen Way Carpet Cleaning we use a truck mounted carpet cleaning system with an RX20 wand. Kleen Way Carpet Cleaning believes that nobody should have to pay extra for clean. That should be included.


But if you do suffer from allergies it is our recommendation to have your carpets cleaned as little as twice a year depending on how severe your allergies are. Up to 4 times a year would be recommended for severe allergy sufferers. Also as a yearly contracted client you receive the new client discount so that you'll NEVER PAY FULL PRICE!


It is still important to vacuum regularly but as you know it doesn't catch everything that your pet leaves behind. So call Kleen Way Carpet Cleaning today.




Kleen Way Carpet Cleaning Current Specials and coupons are valid in Toledo, Sylvania Maumee, Perrysburg, and Holland.  419-482-8155