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Kleen Way Carpet Cleaning is located in Maumee Ohio. We would like to thank you for stopping by our website today and hope you find everything you need in order to feel confident in giving us the opportunity to serve you in your home.   We are now serving the Toledo Ohio area including but not limited to Maumee, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Toledo, Oregon, Whitehouse and Holland.


A little about how Kleen Way Carpet Cleaning got started.  Kleen Way Carpet Cleaning was started in Texas by my Step Father and then when he wasn't able to provide full time service and moved back to California. My husband and I inherited the business and we started service customers in the Pittsburg CA area.  Recently we decided to move our family to Maumee, OH and pray that we are able to serve half as many people in the Toledo area as we did in California.   At Kleen Way Carpet Cleaning we offer honest prices and quality work. Our business is built on integrity, and straightforward pricing.  Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers.  There are tons of carpet cleaners out there but we strive to be different. We pride ourselves on never charging more than you are quoted.   If you add services that is one thing but to give you a price over the phone that you can afford and then charging you a higher price when we get to your house that is called a bait and switch and we simple don't do that.  PERIOD!


As for our chemcials and truck YES we use a truck mounted machine.  It is a rotary extraction system which includes a RX 20 and a rotovac, the advancements in this soil extraction equipment picks up 6 times more water than standard wand method. This is what our competition calls the "DEEP CLEAN" Method.


Our question is why would you want almost clean anyway.



Our promise

To do a great job and to never pull a bait and switch on you.  To use quality products and leave your house cleaner than you can imagine. We know that some carpet cleaners don't always play nice but that is a promise we can live up to. Hope to hear from you soon.




Kleen Way Carpet Cleaning Current Specials and coupons are valid in Toledo, Sylvania Maumee, Perrysburg, and Holland.  419-482-8155